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buddah-dawg asked: what's porn and what's natural?

Great question and I believe the answer will be different for everyone.

For me, “porn” would be described as anything that shows sexually explicit content. While sex itself is not pornographic, it becomes so when it’s displayed for others to view for their own sexual pleasure. A woman with her legs spread to specifically highlight her genitals for the sexual pleasure of others would be considered pornopraphic while the same woman in a pose where her whole body can be appreciated for its combined beauty and not just a select part would not. I don’t consider any of my post to be pornographic in nature. Some might disagree.

As for “natural”, I would say that any woman who hasn’t deliberately altered her body to a large degree would fit the bill. I would classify alteration as excessive makeup, breast implants or totally removing pubic hair so she no longer appears like a woman as good examples. I try to make sure all my post fit this criteria.

Some of my followers might have different answers to these questions but this is how I see it. I’d be rather interested in other views!

Thanks for the great question!